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            Business philosophy

            In Mers, We always follow a simple management philosophy "Based Talent and technology, create the highest quality products and services, to improve the overall level of China's copper processing and manufacturing.

            Quality system and production capacity

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            Company News


            industry news



            • Valve series

              The valve which used in the flow control system,from the simplest stop valve to extremely complex of all kinds of valves used in automatic control system,the variety and specification is various.
            • Pipe fittings series

              It can also be called movable joint or union,Which can be connected to two pipes.Can keep the pipes fixed then seperate them ,and make it convenience to repair.
            • Bathroom & Faucet series

              The brass made,chrome-plated sanitary products is the mainstream of the market at present which can effectively prevent oxidation, quality assured. Besides,it looks like a beautiful work of art,easy to attract consumers.
            • Pre-fliter series

              Remove the solid impurities and some harmful chemicals in the pipe,mainly the rust,silt,alga,colloid and so on.It can be protactive to the pipes, faucets,electric appliance etc.
            • Electric control valve

              Electric valve actuation torque than conventional large valves, electric valve switching speed can be adjusted, simple structure, easy maintenance